– Service We Offer

– Services to help women (and men)

  • Free laboratory quality pregnancy test
  • Referrals for
    • Prenatal care
    • Adoption
    • Housing
    • Department of Health
    • Department of Social Services
    • Other local resources
    • Factual information on pregnancy and all options, including:
      • Fetal development
      • Abortion procedures and associated risks (physical, emotional, spiritual)
      • Single parenting
      • Adoption
      • Basic decision making
      • Post-placement (after adoption)
  • Education on relationship issues and positive life choices (All services are confidential and all programs and services are provided free of charge) Provide support and understanding in an atmosphere of caring and Christian love
  • Provide a listening ear from a Christian who cares
  • Provide information on places that provide services and how other assistance may be obtained
  • Provide information on abortion, adoption, parenting, pre-natal development, abstinence, the risks involved in sexual activity outside of marriage, the risks involved in various abortion procedures

Services for women who have already made the decision to abort:

Have you had an abortion? Are you struggling with the memory of a past abortion? Do you live with fear that your secret will become known? Are you plagued by anger? Do you grieve repeatedly for a child lost to abortion? Is each anniversary a dreaded event?

There are many other women who share your pain! There are many people who would like to help you move on and lay the past to rest! today and “talk” with someone who cares.

Call our office at 336-983-9990 or email hopepcc@outlook.com

Baby Supplies Ministry

Young mothers and families need baby supplies. When available we can supply baby toys, formula, baby beds, car seats and other items are given to those in need as made available by our supporters.

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