– Need Us?

Hope Pregnancy Care Center is located at:

117 Charles Road, King, NC  

Office Telephone: 336-983-9990

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

2nd Saturday of each month, 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

Our diaper ministry is only open on the days listed above and you are welcome to come by once a week if you need to.

Mailing address:

Physical location:


Office: 336-983-9990
Website: http://www.hopepcc.org
Blog: https://hopepregnancycarecenter.wordpress.com

Please help take care of me.

2 responses to “– Need Us?”

  1. Hey there! I am a local pastor and a friend of Jon and Donna Wright. I’m reaching out for two reasons: 1) The Wright’s mentioned that Hope is revamping some things and I wanted to hear what the direction and initiatives of the ministry are currently, and 2) I wanted to inquire about the potential of using your facility for my church’s worship service on Sunday mornings. I understand that Reynolda may be in conversation with you guys about something similar, but thought I’d reach out and ask the question! I’d love to meet if and when you’re available!

    1. Hello Wes – Julie Estes here! We’ve met a few times over the years and yes Donna & Jon are good friends of mine. I would love to get together with you to share the future vision of Hope Pregnancy Care Center. Thank you for partnering with us for our baby bottle campaign this year! Your support and those funds make a direct difference in people’s lives right here in the community. Would you like to come by the pregnancy center some time? We can talk about our partnership and I can show you what we are able to do for those in the area.

      Regarding your inquiry for Sunday morning, that would be something I would need to discuss with the board. We do not typically open our space to the community, but if you come by I’m happy to hear what you have in mind.
      Julie Estes
      Executive Director – Hope Pregnancy Care Center

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