Director’s Report

April 2019

In the month of April we had a total of fifteen visits at the times we are normally open. Two of the people coming by were here for the first time.

We gave out a number of things this month that were requested of us. Fortunately we had almost all of the things requested because of the generosity of the individuals and churches that support us. We had folks come by from King, Westfield, Pinnacle, Tobaccoville and Winston-Salem this month.

We were able to supple five with maternity clothes, 10 with baby clothes, 1 with baby shoes, 2 with some furnishings for the baby room, and 4 with baby food. Additionally we gave 4 with formula,  6 with blankets, 2 with car seats, 4 with baby toys, 8 with baby shampoo, 6 with baby wash, and 17 received needed baby wipes.

Others received baby balls, baby basketball net, a baby body carrier and a stroller.

We gave out several diapers this month. Fifty size one diapers, eighty-six size two diapers, two hundred and seventy two size three diapers and 342 size four and five diapers.

Additionally we welcomed a group of ladies from the Revo Church in Rural Hall who have volunteered to begin helping keep our building clean by coming on the second Saturday of each month to do that valuable work for us. We continue to thank our volunteers; Ann, Juanita, Penny and our newest weekly volunteer Kelly, for all they do for us each month.