Director’s Report

July 2019 Directors Report


In July, Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 23 visitors. Two were first time visitors.


Our staff gave 3 people maternity clothing, 11 received baby clothing, 4 received baby shoes, 4 received baby furnishings, 6 received baby food, 3 received  baby formula, 1 received sheets, 6 received baby blankets, 1 received a car seat, 10 received baby toys, 7 received baby shampoo, 7 received baby wash, 1 received cloth diapers, 18 received baby wipes, 1 received a baby crib.


We gave out 106 size 1 diapers, 246 size 2 diapers, 148 size 3 diapers, and 282 received size 4 & 5 diapers.



August 2019 Directors Report


During August, Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 18 visits.


HPCC staff gave 7 people maternity clothing, 2 received baby shoes, 2 received baby furnishings, 2 received baby food, 2 received baby formula, 2 received a bed or crib, 1 received sheets, 3 received blankets, 1 received a car seat, 4 received baby shampoo, 4 received baby wash, and 17 received wipes.


Hope staff also gave out 68 new born diapers, 113 size 1 diapers, 245 size 2 diapers, 81 size 3 diapers and 392 size 4 & 5 diapers.


Our volunteers gave us 106.5 hours of service to keep Hope open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and our one Saturday that we were open this month.

2019 September and October Directors Report


During the fall months Hope Pregnancy Care Center has had approximately 34 visitors seeking assistance from our staff. Five of the visitors were new to us here at Hope PCC.


We gave two pregnancy tests, both of which were positive and the mother was very excited to be pregnant and will be carrying the child to term.


People who came by asked for and received the following: 2 received maternity clothing, 13 received baby clothes, 6 received baby shoes, 3 received some time of furnishings for their child, 2 received baby food, 4 received formula, 2 received cribs/baby bed, 2 received mattresses for their beds, 2 received baby sheets, 6 received baby blankets, 3 received a car seat,  6 received baby toys, 10 received baby shampoo, 8 received baby wash,   and 27 received baby wipes.

Our requests for diapers where as follows: Preemies: 57, New Born: 36, Size 1: 186, Size 2: 216, Size 3: 259 Other sizes : 490  This amounted to 1244 diapers being given over these two months.

We have had several young parents begin to bring donations of diapers and other items that they have been assisted with over the past year or so as well. All just say they were grateful when people were helping them, and they just want to give back.

Several have also asked us to add them to our prayer list here at Hope. We have someone who has ask we be in prayer for a friend with cancer, another whose mother is going through a transition which is difficult for the family and her, one young lady is need of an apartment, one young father is asking prayers for his life which has been and continues to be hard right now, a young lady’s cousin was killed in an accident, another young lady has a cousin with kidney problems and an aunt with a diagnosis of 3 months to live. We also have folks that have relatives with cancer and other diseases we need to keep in our prayers.

We ask for prayers for Hope Pregnancy Care Center and our ministry here. We need prayers for our current volunteers, and we need more volunteers to help here. We ask people to pray for our Executive Director, our Board of Directors and the young families and mothers who come to us seeking guidance and assistance. Above all we need to keep the unborn children in our prayers so they will have mothers who love them and will allow them to be born!