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Welcoming New Volunteers

Hope Pregnancy Care Center is happy to have some great new volunteers joining us!

Kelly, Kay and Alice have joined us enabling us to expand our open hours. Our hours are now Mondays; 9:00 am until 12:30 pm, Wednesdays; 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, Thursdays; 3:00 pm until 6 pm and the 2nd Saturday of each month 9:00 am until 12:30 pm. We thank these new folk as well as our volunteers who have been with us for a while for all of their hard work that enables us to keep our services going here at Hope Pregnancy Care Center.

Mike is also excited and grateful to a new volunteer, Dean who is going to help him around the building and a grounds to keep the grass around the building as well as the prayer trail walkable.

God continues to provide for our needs. If He is speaking to you about a place to serve. Hope Pregnancy Care Center could be the place. Pray and seek his guidance, then give us a call or download and application on our Ways to Help Hope page and lets talk!

Linda Carmichael, Exec. Director HPCC
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08312018 HPCC Directors Report

In the month of July 2018 Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 14 visitors seeking assistance.  They were from King, Walnut Cove and East Bend.


Items given out included:

1 Maternity Clothing

6 Baby Clothing,

1 Baby Shoes,

1 Furnishings,

1 Baby Food,

4 Formula,

1 Baby Bed and mattress with Baby Sheets and Baby Blanket,

1 Car Seat,

4 Baby Toys,

5 Baby Shampoo


Baby Diapers given out this month included:

20 Size 1 diapers,

307 Size 2 diapers,

61 Size 3 diapers

93 Size 4 and 5 diapers


A couple of people receiving items from us this month brought us items to give to others that they no longer had need of.  Some other folks in the community brought us some nice gently used baby items as well.

We are always appreciative of those who give us gently used items which we are able to share with others.


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Roe v. Wade violates science……

Most of us that are pro life have read about and known this for a long time now.

Read this article and see what the evidence says.

“Some people, especially those in the pro-choice camp, believe that “personhood” and “being a member of the human species” are two different things. But are they? By creating this artificial divide, society can deem certain members of the human family “persons” while denying that title to others of that same family. During arguments in the Roe v. Wadecase before the full U.S. Supreme Court in 1972, Texas Attorney General Robert C. Flowers argued for the state against abortion legalization. Flowers was asked by Justice Thurgood Marshall, “Is there any medical testimony of any kind that says that a fetus is a person at the time of inception?”

“In response, Flowers submitted dissenting arguments made by Senior Judge Campbell in a 1971 Illinois abortion case, Doe v.s Scott, which Flowers said was “very similar to the case we have before us…………” Posted on live  9/4/2018