Schedule change

Schedule Change: HPCC will no longer be open on Thursday afternoons.

This is effective Thursday, August 26.

Hope will be closed today Feb. 1, 2021

Hope will be closed today, Monday, Feb. 1 2021. Please be safe if you have to go out today as the roads may be slick in places. Black ice is a real possibility. Take care and we’ll see you when the weather makes it safer for all.

Hope Closed Thursday October 8

We will be closed tomorrow, October 8 due to a volunteer staffing issue. We apologize and will be open Saturday, October 8.


MONDAY              9:00 AM UNTIL. 12:30 PM

THURSDAY.          3:00 PM UNTIL.   6:00 PM




Yes…HPCC Will Open Today June 4

Hope will open at 3pm today.

HPCC will open today, June 4 at 3 pm.

We will resume our regular schedule: MONDAY 9AM-12:30PM; THURSDAY 3PM-6PM & 2ND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH 9AM-12:30 PM

Please wear your mask and maintain social distance when you come in the building.

If you are concerned about pregnancy issues you can always call and talk with LINDA at 336-575-3291.

Reopening June 4

Hope Pregnancy Care Center will re open on June 4 resuming our regular schedules. ( Assumes the Government doesn’t throw us another curve.

Beginning June 4:

Thursdays 3 pm – 6 pm (June 4)

Mondays   9:00 am – 12:30 pm  (June 8)

Second Saturday of each Month 9:00 am- 12:30 pm (June 13)

Things will be a bit different so….

Please wear your mask….we’ll wear ours 😀

You’ll be allowed in the front door but not back to our storage rooms. (We’ll bring it up to you.) 😀😀

Try to social distance when you come in. 😀😀😀

If you are coming to talk about your pregnancy, we’ll help with that but you may want to call Linda at 336 575 3291 first and talk by phone. She’ll be glad to help you with that.

We want to keep everyone safe. Thanks.


Hope PCC Remains Closed

In light of : “Governor Roy Cooper ordered people in the state of North Carolina to stay at home for thirty days, until April 29, 2020, in another step to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Governor Cooper’s Executive Order No. 121 takes effect on Monday, March 30 at 5:00 PM…….”
We think we should all stay home and not open HPCC until May 1 …….if, things have settled down by then. We hate that we will not be able to engage in our diaper/baby supplies ministries but Linda can still answer and talk to anyone her on phone by calling her at 336-575-3291 about pregnancy issues until the stay at home order is lifted and things settle a little bit more.


HPCC will not open this week in response to the national and state emergency created by the Coronavirus.

We will re-evaluate our schedule next weekend.

Remember…”But God did not give me a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind.”

HPCC Schedule Alert

Even though school let out early today, HPCC will open at 3 pm this afternoon. However, we will likely close early because of the likelihood of road conditions. Please come earlier than later to ensure we are open.

After 4:30 pm , call us at 336-983-9990 to check that we are still open before you come. 

Please do be careful in this weather.