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We are a non-profit Christian ministry supported by contributions from churches, individuals, and groups. We have a 501-c-3 designation from the IRS so contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We are governed by a volunteer board of directors and our staff consists of our executive director, Julie Estes and our operations manager, Penny Montgomery.  Volunteers provide much of the work force necessary to run the ministry.

We believe in the love of God, the saving power of Jesus Christ, and the power of prayer. We believe that we can provide help to people in very difficult circumstances with God’s help. We offer all services in an atmosphere of love.  All services are strictly confidential and are provided free of charge.

What do we do for the women who come to us?

  • Provide support and understanding in an atmosphere of caring and Christian love.
  • Provide laboratory quality pregnancy tests – free of charge.
  • Provide maternity clothes and baby clothes.
  • Provide a listening ear from a Christian who cares.
  • Provide baby beds and other equipment.
  • Provide information on places that services and other help may be obtained.
  • Provide information on abortion, adoption, parenting, pre-natal development, abstinence, the risks involved in sexual activity outside of marriage, the risks involved in various abortion procedures.
  • Provide information, support, and referrals for women suffering from the effects of a past abortion.

What do we offer to area churches?

  • Opportunity to support a pro-life organization actively involved in the community.
  • Speakers for groups or entire congregations.
  • Resources on abortion, adoption, abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control and the risks involved with them.
  • A place to refer members of community and church and know that they will receive help and information from a Christian perspective.

What do we offer to individuals?  

The opportunity to be a part of a pro-life organization composed of Christians who love God and are committed to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Help me out...please!

Partnership with other Christians

  • A group of Christians to pray with and who will pray with you about matters of concern to you and to all of us – monthly prayer list for the center.
  • The opportunity to provide services to potentially pregnant women who might otherwise only hear about the availability of abortion Information about topics you might never hear about elsewhere.

What Do We Provide To The Community

  • Provide information on abstinence, abortion, adoption, and post abortion problems to elected officials, and agency staff as requested or as the need becomes apparent. 
  • Provide a referral source to the community that explains all the options and the ramifications of those options to clients to enable them to make a fully informed and educated decision.
  • Provide speakers on related topics, educational programs and resources.
  • Provide a safe place for our children to go under stress and be helped to make an informed decision with adequate information and support in a loving atmosphere.


  • David Coburn-Chair
  • Janice Coburn-Secretary
  • Ann McKenzie
  • Joe McKenzie


Executive Director  Julie Estes

Operations Manager  Penny Montgomery

Telephone: 336-983-9990

Hey! Help us out when you can. Pray for the ministry here at HPCC!

Pray for the ministry here at HPCC!

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