Vote Pro-Life on November 6

Your vote can make a difference in many different ways. Most especially on unborn lives.  Please vote pro-life on November 6. To help you decide National Right To Life has a page online that can help you see who’s running as a pro life candidate in which state.


As one our favorite ministries has said: “God has dealt with every single issue a nation will face. You have a responsibility and a duty to vote, and you will answer to God for what you do with your vote. Our job as God’s people is to take care of His stuff. Examine the issues; look at what each candidate will put in place if he or she is elected.” 

We urge you to do your research before you vote. Find out where your local, state and national leaders stand. Even local folk, no matter what office they are running for, are registered as one of he two major parties they are saying they support their party’s platform. You can also check out the Democrat Party and the Republican Party platforms and see which follows Biblical principles on which you can make your decisions. They are diametrically opposite on abortion. Visit your candidates webpage and see what they say as well. Please, do research then go vote.

Early voting has started and November 6 is your last chance to have a say for two years. Your vote matters.

Movie to See

Linda and I went to see the movie Gosnell. It is a terrible but true story. “This police/court room drama is based on actual information on Dr. Kermit Gosnell (played by Earl Billings) who for decades ran a Philadelphia inner-city abortion clinic. In 2010, Philadelphia Police Detectives Wood (Dean Cain) and Stark (Alfonzo Rachel), with DEA and FBI agents, raid the clinic for evidence of illegal prescription drug sales. They are shocked by the clinic’s filthy conditions…..” and what else the find.  Click on above link for the official trailer

This happened in the near past. Today’s news has similar incidents happening around our country. Most recently I read about findings in Detroit, MI. If you want to see the movie, it is playing now but it may not be in theaters very long.