08312018 HPCC Directors Report

In the month of July 2018 Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 14 visitors seeking assistance.  They were from King, Walnut Cove and East Bend.


Items given out included:

1 Maternity Clothing

6 Baby Clothing,

1 Baby Shoes,

1 Furnishings,

1 Baby Food,

4 Formula,

1 Baby Bed and mattress with Baby Sheets and Baby Blanket,

1 Car Seat,

4 Baby Toys,

5 Baby Shampoo


Baby Diapers given out this month included:

20 Size 1 diapers,

307 Size 2 diapers,

61 Size 3 diapers

93 Size 4 and 5 diapers


A couple of people receiving items from us this month brought us items to give to others that they no longer had need of.  Some other folks in the community brought us some nice gently used baby items as well.

We are always appreciative of those who give us gently used items which we are able to share with others.


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