04302018 Directors Report


This month Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 12 people come by to see us. All 12 had babies and requested some items to assist them with their new additions. Two of the 12 people were first time visitors to Hope PCC.

One person asked for and received maternity clothing, 5 received baby clothing, 2 received baby shoes, 3 received furnishings (baby bed/pack & play) 1 received baby formula, 1 received baby food, 2 received baby sheets, 1 received a car seat but later returned as being too small for here baby, 3 received toys, 5 received baby shampoo, 2 received baby wash and 9 received baby wipes



Diaper giveaways were as follows: 104 received new born diapers, 113 received Size 1 diapers, 27 received size 3 diapers and 153 received Size 4 and Size 5 Diapers. In total we gave out 395 diapers.



Hope Pregnancy gave out 5 Bible gifts and 4 baby Bible gifts during this month. The volunteer staff also logged in 45.5 hours of volunteer work for this month. We do thank them.


The Stokes County Department of Social Services is now utilizing to two rooms in the building to keep their emergency clothing supplies for foster children. They also continue to use the auditorium for families to have supervised visits with young children who are now in their care but are working with the families to reunite them

.image 045 small


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