09302017 HPCC Directors Report  

Hope Pregnancy Care Center (HPCC) nine visitors for the month of September. Two visitors were here for the first time. Friends and family referred them to HPCC.

We were able to help assisting people with giving the following items:

5 people received baby clothes

1 person received furnishing

3 people received baby toys

1 person received baby food

3 people received formula

10 people received baby wipe packages

Additionally, we gave out baby shampoo, baby sheets, baby blankets and 1 food bag to those who asked for these items.

We were able to give out 186 New Born diapers, 50 Size One diapers, 48 Size Three Diaperss and 122 Size 4 diapers.

One person received a bible and one person asked for and received prayer.

One of the folk donated some baby bottles and maternity clothes to Hope Pregnancy Care Center as a way of giving back for the help we have been able to give to her.

We wanted to thank the women of Willing Vessels Christian Center in King for having a “cleaning day” at Hope Pregnancy Care Center. They made our center look much cleaner and beautiful. They are a blessing to us!


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