We Need Baby Cribs

Recently, we have had requests from some young ladies for baby cribs/beds. We have had none to give as none have been made available to us for us to give. We are reaching out to our donors to request that if you can, provide this “bigger ticket” item so that we might meet this particular need. Last week, a young lady who is due in two weeks, asked for the second time in the last two or three weeks, if we had a crib and we had to tell her we did not. So…..if you can help we would appreciate it so much.

We need any crib that is new or used and still a safe crib. This means the baby cannot get their head through the slats in the side of the bed.  As long as a soda can will not fit between the slats.Two-units-of-baby-cribs-in-white-which-are-completed-with-cozy-mattresss-a-storage-system-in-white-For information on baby crib safety.

 Wal-Mart  has some for under $100 and up. Target also has some cribs in the just over $100 dollar and up range. Of course, a mattress is also needed for any crib you get or maybe you could get a  crib and a friend could get a mattress. 🙂





It Matters

In 2015, the last data we have right now 956 residents of Forsyth County opted to have an induced abortion. 24 residents of Stokes County opted to have an induced abortion, and 53 residents of Surry County opted to have an induced abortion. 22,846 residents of North Carolina opted to have an induced abortion.

That’s 1,033 babies in the three counties HPCC primarily serves that were killed and not afforded the opportunity for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. 22,846 babies of North Carolina met the same fate. Help us stop this.


U.S. Senate to Cast Vote on Defunding Planned Parent on Tuesday

The Senate to cast vote on defunding Planned Parenthood on Tuesday.

LifeNews.com posted this story online: “The Senate will cast its first vote on Tuesday on legislation to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Republicans will find out tomorrow which of their members oppose moving forward on the bill that also repeals Obamacare.” “The legislation has been pending for many weeks and even months as Republicans have been attempting to come up with a version that would please both conservative lawmakers as well as pro-abortion Republicans who are resistant to defunding the nation’s biggest abortion company.””The Senate will move forward on the bill to repeal Obamacare and defund the Planned Parenthood abortion company if they receive more than 50 votes tomorrow.”

Make sure to click above to read the entire story….then contact your Senators tonight and tomorrow. Let your voice be the voice of the unborn!

“Let’s Pray for America to End Abortion”

ALVEDA KING   JUL 14, 2017 posted this opinion piece on LifeNews .com. This how she starts out: “Celebrities — you either have to love them, hate them, or don’t care one way or the other. One interesting truth about “celebrity” men and women is that abortions have affected many of them.”

“I could also include cases of men celebrities, because some of them have post-abortion testimonies as well. We’ll save that one for part two.”

“I include myself in the mix because I became post-abortive in 1970 and was still hiding my pain in deep denial back then.”……… Read the rest of this article by clicking here.

Hope Pregnancy Care Center stands ready to help. Give us a call or come by the the Center and talk. We are here to help. If you get our answering machine  leave a confidential message or call our Director, Linda at 336-575-3291.

Yes, We Are Open

Hope PCC is open on our regular weekly schedule today! We do have some roofers working but, if you need us we are here until 12:30 pm today.