O4302017 HPCC Directors Report  

This report is for April of 2017.image 045 small

We had a total of four visitors this month. HPCC was closed on a few days we would normally be open this month due to Easter and some volunteer issues that kept them away for their normal time. Additionally, this is tax refund month which normally means we have a few less visitors in need as they temporarily have some funds on hand because of their tax refunds.

We were able to help by giving out some baby clothes, baby toys, baby food and baby wipes. Additionally we gave out some baby shampoo, a car shade, baby q tips, baby wash, a picture frame, baby book, and a piggy bank.

We  were able to help by giving our size 2, size 3 and size 4 diapers this month.

HPCC gave information out on the Stokes Co. Dept. of Social Services and the Stokes County Health Dept. WIC program who handle the NC Diaper Bank diapers now. We also fielded 2 phone call inquiries about pregnancy testing.

Please know that we have a new supply of baby bottle banks if you know any church Sunday School classes that would like to utilize them in May in honor of Mothers Day. We also have a new supple of NIV Bibles for the visitors who need a Bible and a new Children’s version of the Gospel of Mark that parents can read to their babies and children.


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