2016 September HPCC Directors Report

cropped-image-066-web.jpg As expected the number of visitors began to go down with the advent of the NC Diaper Bank moving their partnership to the Stokes County Health Department WIC program. As our diaper ministry winds down, we had 25 visitors come for diapers. If we had the requested size, we gave it to them while referring them and giving them the number for the Health Department. We will continue to give out diapers as we have the size requested. Our baby and maternity clothing closet remains open as always.

The Diaper Ministry gave 36 New Born Diapers, 87 Size 1, 25 Size 2, 50 Size 3, 300 Size 4, 262 Size 5 and 60 Size 10 diapers.

We gave 1 pregnancy test, 6 received baby clothes, 1 received maternity clothes, 1 received furnishings, 2 received baby toys, 1 received baby food, 1 received baby formula, and 20 received baby wipes. Other small items like baby shampoo and lotion were also given out.

Please note that the numbers will continue to go down a little each month as the folks coming here to get diapers continue to go to the Health Dept. to get them. Remember to let your friends, church, church groups and other know that we still are accepting baby items to assist young families as we can.  Check our “How to Help Hope Pregnancy Care Center” page to find out what we need to meet some of the needs we see and hear about.



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