06302016 HPCC Directors Report

We have had a very productive month serving people who have chosen to raise their babies.  

Hope Pregnancy Care Center was able to answer the door to 51 people seeking assistance during the month of June.  

3 of these folks needed maternity clothing, 5 received baby clothes, 4 received furnishings, 2 received baby toys, 6 received baby food and 40 received baby wipes. We were also able to give out some baby wash and a stroller.

With the help of NC Diaper Bank Triad we were able to distribute 150 newborn diapers, 126 size 1 diapers, 211 size 2 diapers, 75 size 3 diapers, 425 size 4 diapers, 825 size 5 diapers and 50 size 6 diapers. That is a total of 1,862 little tushes we helped to cover.

The NC Diaper Bank Triad has a new Executive Director and are not distributing any diapers during July and August. During that time they will be reevaluating all of their partners and making decisions on who will get to continue to be a partner with them in diaper distribution. Please be in prayer that they will allow Hope Pregnancy Care Center to continue our partnership with them.

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