02292016 HPCC Directors Report

This month of February saw 36 visits to Hope Pregnancy Care Center.

2 were given baby clothes, 1 received furnishings, 4 received baby food , and 35 received some baby wipes. 125 new born diapers were given out, 35 size 2 diapers were given out, 200 size 3 diapers were given out, 375 size 4 diapers were given out, 600 size 5 diapers were given out and 30 size 6 diapers were given out. A total of 1,365 diapers were given out this month.

We have had requests for baby formula during February as well but we have not had any donated for a while. If you know of a group that would like to donate baby formula or any other baby items please tell them this is a need right now that they could meet.

image 094 web

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