02292016 HPCC Directors Report

This month of February saw 36 visits to Hope Pregnancy Care Center.

2 were given baby clothes, 1 received furnishings, 4 received baby food , and 35 received some baby wipes. 125 new born diapers were given out, 35 size 2 diapers were given out, 200 size 3 diapers were given out, 375 size 4 diapers were given out, 600 size 5 diapers were given out and 30 size 6 diapers were given out. A total of 1,365 diapers were given out this month.

We have had requests for baby formula during February as well but we have not had any donated for a while. If you know of a group that would like to donate baby formula or any other baby items please tell them this is a need right now that they could meet.

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01312016 HPCC Directors Report 01312016 

In January we had 43 visits to Hope Pregnancy Care Center. Compare that to January 2015:33, January 2014:16, January 2013:14, January 2012:9 and January 2011:15 The addition of our diaper ministry partner at NC Diaperbank-Triad has had a significant impact on how many young families we are serving.

This month we were able to supply 2 visitors with maternity clothes, 4 with baby clothing, 4 with some type of furnishings, 3 with baby toys, 3 with baby food, and 41 baby wipes were given out. Additionally we gave out 68 size newborn diapers, 113 size 2 diapers, 225 size 3 diapers, 450 size 4 diapers, 900 size 5 diapers and 90 size 6 diapers.

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Watch and Learn Page Updated

A new link has been added to our Watch and Learn Page on our website. Be sure to click on the Watch and Learn page here and learn what an ex abortionist has to say about abortion techniques he has used and what abortionists use daily to terminate the life of millions of babies. He uses animation, so be prepared that this is not easy to watch and absorb. What people do to babies is not pleasant.

HPCC Closed on Monday, Feb. 15

Hope Pregnancy Care Center will be closed Monday, Feb. 15, due to the weather, road and parking lot conditions.


IMG_1841 Be careful out there!

2015 Directors Year End Report

Hope Pregnancy Care Center has had a banner year of  service to our community. Our diaper ministry continues to go strong with visitors increasing every month as compared to our visits in 2014.

Of the 418 visits we had 103 different families represented who had newborns to almost toddlers as a part of their homes. Hope Pregnancy Care Center in partnership with the N.C. Diaperbank and area churches and individuals gave out approximately 818 newborn diapers, 251 size 1 diapers, 1217 size 2 diapers, 6049 size 3 diapers, 4284 size 4 diapers, 4619 size 5 diapers, 512 size 6 diapers and 54 diapers we didn’t record the size on.

We helped these families with 305 packages of baby wipes, 12 were able to receive baby formula and 27 received some baby food and cereal. 34 received some type of baby toy, 14 some sort of baby furniture, 75 received baby clothes and 11 folks received maternity clothing.

We gave 14 free pregnancy tests and discussed the results with each young lady that received the test.

Of our visitors this year, we had 72 that had never received a service from Hope Pregnancy Center before. Of course they can continue to come by the Center once per week and discuss their needs with us and we’ll provide help or tell them what local options for meeting that particular need might be. That assistance includes giving 41 of them a Bible and 14 received a Salvation Tract to read and they are always welcome to ask questions about what they read upon their next visit.

Hope Pregnancy Care Center continues have as its primary mission to educate the community regarding the issues of abortion, sexual abstinence until marriage, and the problems of post-abortion.  As well as providing assistance to young mothers and families.

“North Carolina Reported Pregnancies – 2013 N.C., Department of Health and Human Services” (the latest report available) tells us that 36 Stokes County residents had an induced abortion in that year, 37 Surry County residents and 692 Forsyth County residents opted to do the same. We have mainly served residents from these three counties during 2015. There is clearly more work for us to do. That is a total of 765 lives we could not save from human hands. 36 were from right here in Stokes County. We will continue to work until we can get these numbers to zero. It will take lots of prayers and continued help of all of our partners, volunteers and others who chose to help. Thank you all for your continued help in the coming year.

Abortion Increases Risk of Premature Birth

Risk is increased according to February 5 article posted on LifeNews.com.

“A new study shows that surgical abortion can increase the risk of premature birth in future pregnancy.”

“The study was performed by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and involved analyzing 36 studies that enrolled more than 1 million women. The researchers found that the risk of future premature births after an abortion was small but significant, given the amount of women who had surgical abortions.”

Read the full article hereimage 092.