2015 November HPCC Directors Report

November, being a holiday month had us open only nine days. To give our volunteers time during the busy Thanksgiving week we closed from Monday, November 23 and reopened on December 3. This month HPCC had 33 visits and 3 were here for the first time. In November of 2014, we had 21 visitors.

HPCC visitors did receive 1 pregnancy test, which was negative. 2 received baby clothing, 2 received baby toys, 1 received some baby food, 1 received baby formula, 34 received wipes and 3 received other items they could utilize raising their baby.

In addition, during those visits this month HPCC gave out 50 New Born size diapers, 135 Size 2 diapers, 150 size 3 diapers, 225 size 4 diapers, 410 size 5 diapers and 110 size 6 diapers. HPCC gave a total of 1,080 diapers to which we owe the NC Diaper Bank Triad a shout out of thanks for helping to supply the majority of those diapers.

We are equally are thankful to our other partners who supply HPCC with operating funds, baby wipes, blankets, clothing, toys, baby food and formula that helps meet the need of our struggling families with babies in the house.

HPCC gave 8 first time visitors Bibles and 3 additional Salvation information tracts.

A reminder to all that we will be closing for the Christmas Holidays on Monday, December 21, Thursday, December 24, Saturday December 26; Monday, December 28, Thursday December 31, and Saturday, January 2. We will re open on our regular Monday, Thursday Saturday schedules on Monday, January 4

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