2015 Oct HPCC Directors Report

During the month of October Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 43 visitors come through the doors . Continuing our trend for the year, this was almost double the number of people coming to visit in October 2015 as we had in October 2014. We had 7 first time visitors to Hope this month.


As usual, most people are coming in for our diaper ministry services. Hope Pregnancy Care Center continues to serve as a pick up site for the NC Diaper Bank Triad.


We were able to give out 30 Size 1 diapers, 70 Size 2 diapers, 277 Size 3 diapers, 408 Size 4 diapers, 675 Size 5 diapers and 30 Size 6 diapers. This amounted to a total of 1,482 diapers covering little behinds this month.


We gave out the following baby supplies as well: 17 packs of wipes ( there were a lot more requests but we ran out during the month), 6 people received baby clothing, 1 received some furnishings, 2 received baby toys, 3 received baby food, 3 received some baby formula, 3 received some miscellaneous baby items. We are depended on donations of all of the items. If you know of folks willing to donate these items or a group that wants to have a baby shower, please encourage them to do so.


One person received a pregnancy test, which was negative.


5 people received a Bible and 2 received Salvation Tract information.


This is the beginning of the holidays and a reminder that we will be altering our hours during November and again in December. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and reopen on Thursday, December 3.


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