September 2015 HPCC Directors Report

The results!

Hope Pregnancy Care Center had 37 visitors come to our door during the month of September. In September of 2014 we had 24 visitors. This continues this year’s trend of having significantly more visits each month of this year as opposed t last year.

HPCC gave out 144 Size 2 diapers, 248 Size 3 diapers, 438 Size 4 diapers, 249 Size 5 diapers and 50 Size 6 diapers. This is a total of 1,129 diapers we were able to give out. Again, our partner, The Diaper Bank of NC – Triad was the significant contributor of diapers to the cause this month. The have move to their new digs on Polo Road which makes for a significantly shorter drive for HPCC to get to them.

Additionally HPCC gave 1 Pregnancy test this month. It was a negative test. 3 people received maternity clothes, 9 people received baby clothing, 3 people received furnishings, 7 visits to the toy room were made, 2 received baby food, 4 received baby formula and 30 packets of wipes were given out. A bouncy seat, sippy cups, booster seat, baby blankets, baby bottles, and a stroller were some of the items also given out this month.

Of the 37 visits to Hope Pregnancy Care Center this month, 5 were first time visitors.

This really happens.
Thanks to our volunteers & staff!

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