Scientists Say Aborted Babies are “Essential for Research,” Yet No One Has Ever Been Cured

This August 14, 2015 article posted on states: “With the exposure of Planned Parenthood’s activities in procuring aborted babies for scientists, the media is buying into the lie that this is “life-saving” research. In a recent article picked up by the AP and published in US News, the hysterics were evidenced by the headlines “Amid uproar over anti-abortion videos scientists say fetal tissue essential for research”.

The article starts out sounding like talking points for Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards by quoting from Stanford University spokesperson Lisa Lapin: “If researchers are unable to work with fetal tissue, there is a huge list of diseases for which researchers would move much more slowly, rather than quickly, to find their cause and how they can be cured.”

Not only has there never been a cure for any disease whatsoever using aborted fetal material, the very next sentence demonstrates what’s really behind their motives.”

North Carolina has major research universities within its borders that have nationally recognized medical research ongoing. UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, and Wake Forest University. Maybe we should be asking them if they are buying these body parts for their research……the major newspapers in our state don’t seem to be doing that. I have sent an email to WFUBMC asking this question but so far….no response.

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