More Than One “Choice”

Why does society push abortion on women in crisis is the title of a July 7 post on the National Right to Life website. It, in part states:  “Abortion is sold as the solution to a pregnant woman in crisis. If she is poor or abused, if she lacks support from her partner or family, if she is still in school, our society tells her she should have an abortion. Many times, it’s the only “choice” she is offered.”

Hope Pregnancy Care Center offers alternatives to that one choice. We can give you information that is not given by the so called “pro-choice” folks. If you want to talk, please call us at 336-983-9990 during office hours or call our Executive Director directly at 336-575-3291 most anytime. If you like, leave a confidential message on either number and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Feel free to explore our website or go to our Facebook page and see what information you might get from that. We often put local, statewide and national articles of interest for you to read. Just remember there really is more than that one “choice” and we’ll help if you want us to.

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