HPCC Summer Hours Start Monday, June 1

A reminder that our new summer hours begin this Monday, June 1. Help spread the word by word of mouth, church bulletin, church newsletter, church PowerPoint, and or church website.

Monday 9am-12:30pm

Thursday 2pm-6pm

Saturday 9am-12:30pm

All of our services are available on all three days.

Click above to see all services.

HPCC does provide support and understanding in an atmosphere of caring and Christian love Provide laboratory quality pregnancy tests – free of charge Provide maternity clothes for loan Provide a listening ear from a Christian who cares Provide baby clothes for loan Provide diapers for young mothers and families. (We are a pick up site for the Piedmont Diaper Bank) Provide baby beds and other equipment for loan Provide New Testaments and information on area churches Provide information on places that services and other help may be obtained Provide information on abortion, adoption, parenting, pre-natal development, abstinence, the risks involved in sexual activity outside of marriage, the risks involved in various abortion procedures Provide information, support, and referrals for women suffering from the effects of a past abortion Provide information on becoming a Christian

Gallup Poll: 55% of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal

Lifenews.com is running a story that over 50% of Americans want all or most abortions made illegal. “A new Gallup poll finds a majority of Americans oppose all or most abortions even though some Americans who technically take a pro-life position opposing abortion wrongly think they are “pro-choice” on abortion.”

Take a moment to read, then lets go out and convince the other 45% that killing a baby is wrong and should be made illegal under all circumstances.

image 066 web Why would think abortion is ever an okay thing to do to a baby?

1/3 of Americans Say Animals Deserve the Same Rights as People, While Unborn Babies Have No Rights

“Bioethics watchdog Wesley Smith noticed a recent polling question from Gallup noting that one-third of all Americans think animals Maxxshould have the same rights as human beings. This comes at the same time that XX% of Americans think unborn babies should have no rights at all…….” Read this article of interest from Lifenews.com.

As much as we love our dog, he doesn’t have the same rights as a human life. Now or ever……..even if the dog sometimes thinks he is human!

New Study Shows Premature Babies Can Survive at Earlier Ages…….

A study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates widespread discriminatory denial of life-preserving medical treatment to premature infants based on fear that if assisted to live they might have disabilities – in defiance of protective federal law. It provided a startling snapshot into the treatment of very premature infants. Read the entire article at Lifenews.com

Read the New England Journal of Medicine study here.

New Summer Hours Beginning on June 1

HOPE Bldg 4Hope Pregnancy Care Center will begin it’s new summer hours on June 1. We have some wonderful new volunteers from Willing Vessels Christian Center who will open HPCC on Saturday mornings for us for the first time. We are so pleased with their commitment to our training process and for volunteering their time with us. Our faithful volunteers, Ann and Juanita, will continue to serve on Mondays at a slightly different time, 9 am until 12:30 pm. Mike will be moving to Thursdays and expanding hours from 2pm until 6pm as Mindy will be taking the summer off. Our new guys will be there on Saturday for you.BABY FEET3

We will be open at the following times beginning June 1, 2015 for HPCC services :


9:00 am to 12:30 pm


2:00 pm – 6:00 pm


9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Happy Mother’s Day

To my own mother I owe everything. She was and is a great Mother. To my wife, who was is  a great Mother to all three of my children.

You should celebrate your Mother, even if things didn’t  or aren’t going so great with her! She, at the very least carried you for nine months or so and gave birth to you. You should be eternally grateful that you are not among the 60 million babies, that haven’t made it that far.

Have a great Mother’s Day and thank God that you are here, living and breathing on earth because your Mother chose to give birth to you.BABY FEET3


Watch What This “Pro-Choice” Student Says After He Changes His Mind on Abortion

“…….What happened next surprised me. Ben threw up his hands and declared he was going to change his vote, and he did! Ben took his vote off of the six week mark and moved it to Day One, thereby declaring the he now believed humans in-utero deserve human rights from the moment of conception onward. When explaining why he changed his vote, Ben acknowledged that the human fetus is whole from the moment of conception and would have potential to think as long as it is given the opportunity to develop. This was a huge admission from someone who was adamant that a human was not a person deserving of equal rights until it had the ability to think on a very basic level………: Read the article and watch the video on LifeNews.com.