March 2014 HPCC Directors Report

During the month of March, HPCC had 24 visitors. That was nine more that we had in March last year.

Five were first time visitors. Two received maternity clothes, 2 received baby clothing, 4 receieved furnishings, 2 received baby toys, 4 received baby food, 1 received baby formula and 22 received baby wipes. We gave out 92 new born size diapers, 0 size ones, 35 size twos, 616 size threes, 270 size fours, and 293 size 5 diapers this month. That’s a total of 1306 diapers given out for the month.

We have a need for donations of baby formula, baby cereal and other baby food if you know of groups or individuals who are willing to donate such items. The Diaper Bank continues to meet most of our diaper needs right now.

We started training some volunteers from Willing Vessels Christian Center in King, in the month of March and will finish in April. We have 12 who started the training and about half are consistently coming back. A couple of those missing for work or other reasons will be making up the sessions with Mike in the near future. Most of these folks are available on evenings and weekends only so we are looking at some getting some consistent help on Tuesday evenings with Mike and opening on another evening and possibly even some Saturday mornings. At the end of the sessions, they will get together and tell us who and what they can do for us. They are a very good group and are happy they are interested in helping us.

Mindy will have to open Hope on Thursdays as soon as she can get off work she is having to make up. She hopes this will let her be here around 1:30 to 1:45. She has also let us know that she will have to take the summer off again as she did last summer. She is having to take care of things still in West Virginia related to the death of her father.

Germanton Baptist Church has called and wants to come help do some outdoor work around the building on April 25. Mike will be meeting them here that morning. Willow Oak Missionary Baptist Church has also called and is looking to help in some way as well. I will be following up with them. The Boy Scouts have contacted Mike and are planning for another young man to make the bridge on the Prayer and Reflection Trail his Eagle Scout Project. They are also talking about one or more helping to reclaim our driveway and 10 to 20 parking spaces in front of our building.

Thanks to all who have chosen to help Hope Pregnancy Care Center out in whatever way you are choosing to assist us.

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