Incredible Photos Reveal How A Child is Born

“In 1965, Swedish photojournalist Lennart Nilsson published the photographic book, A Child is Born, which captures every stage of development of an unborn child. In his book, he writes, “…The whole story does not begin with delivery. The baby has existed for months before – at first signaling its presence only with small outer signs, later on as a somewhat foreign little being which has been growing and gradually affecting the lives of those close by.””

“Eventually, Nilsson’s photos became icons because they weren’t the typical blurry black and white scans the world was use to seeing; rather, they were detailed and colored images of unborn life. The image below is probably the most well known from Nilsson’s book, especially among pro-lifers.”

“However, on LifeNews we want to feature some more of Nilsson’s pictures because they reveal the humanity of the unborn child. Look at these breathtaking photos bellow.”


Help me out...please!
Help me out…please!

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