Lift Mindy Up!

One of our faithful volunteers’ (Mindy) father passed away this morning. Please lift Mindy and her family, especially Doug and Dillon up in prayer for the next few days. He had been in declining health for a while now, but the good news is that he accepted the Lord as his Lord and Savior within the past few weeks.


Meet 10 People Who Changed Their Mind About Abortion

“Some of us start off as pro-life, but not all. Those who converted offer a certain kind of perspective. They saw the truth and the light, and they became pro-life! Here’s a list of just some who have been on the incredible journey towards accepting life…..”

Not all of us started out as pro-life supporters. Researching plus personal experiences have changed minds from all walks of life. Read the story and read about 10 who changed theirs.image 077 b&w

Why is Christianity Today Defending Racist Abortion Activist Margaret Sanger?

“Christianity Today, founded by none other than Billy Graham, is not only the name of a popular magazine/online news source for evangelicals, it’s a phrase that makes one wonder: “What is Christianity today?” I would suggest, in too many ways, it’s largely disconnected from the Christ who inspired it…………..This week’s published article on the “social good” of contraception reinforces this in a piece, “Contraception Saves Lives”, praising eugenicist and Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger.”

Click and read the article from It will enlighten you.

February 2015 Directors Report

BABY FEET318 visits were made to Hope Pregnancy Care Center.

Three received baby clothing, one received furnishings, 1 received baby food and six received baby wipes. There were 126 new born diapers given out, 151 size 2, 280 size 3, 260 size 4 and 130 size 5 diapers were given out. In total, we gave out 947 diapers.

Hope Pregnancy Care Center was closed due to weather concerns 5 days in February. In addition, we had to postpone the beginning of our volunteer training class scheduled to begin on February 24 until March 3, also due to the weather.

Hey! Help us out when you can. Pray for the ministry here at HPCC!
Hey! Help us out when you can. Pray for the ministry here at HPCC!

The Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning

The Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning is now providing a grant at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center under the direction of Ellen Ann Lorange, D.O.,Assistant Professor, General Obstetrics and Gynecology. Two other North Carolina sites are UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University.This is a program designed to train doctors how to perform abortions during their training in these medical schools.

We urge you to let Wake Forest University Medical School leaders as well as Duke and UNC leaders know that it is really inappropriate for institutions designed to save lives is now in the business of training people to end lives.

How to Change Someone’s Mind on Abortion in One Minute, …….

“The video gives faces to a handful of the 55 million Americans who are not with us today because of legal abortion. Just imagine the millions of unique individuals who would be your siblings, your aunts and uncles, your teachers, your classmates, you doctors, your childhood best friends, your co-workers, or maybe even your spouse or your own children. They were not the victims of circumstance, disease, disaster, or accidents. Their deaths were wholly preventable – their lives could be thriving today. We will never know who those 55 million were, but we have all been affected by their loss.”

This will indeed make you and those viewing think.

Hope Closed Today

Stokes Schools are closing at 12:30 due to weather concerns. Consistent with our policy Hope will not open today. Please stay safe.