September Directors Report

Hope Pregnancy Care Center continues to rejoice in the Lord that in the month of September 2014 HPCC saw 23 clients. This is 10 more than we saw in 2013 continuing the trend of seeing more clients during the month than in the corresponding month of 2013. 108 clients were seen through September in 2013 with 186 being seen so far in 2014.

Avg. Age                      25

Pregnancy Tests            0

Maternity Clothes          0

Baby Clothes                4

Furnishings                   0

Baby Toys                     1

Baby Food                    2

Baby Formula               2

Baby Wipes                10

Other                          baby bottles (2)


New Born                   136

Size 1                          144

Size 2                          40

Size 3                          448

Size 4                          120

Size 5                          129

Total Diapers             1,017

The majority of our clients are from Stokes County. Northern Forsyth County constituted the rest of our clients for this particular month.

Rural Hall Moravian Church held a baby shower this month and provided HPCC with many needed items for our diaper ministry clients.

The Piedmont Diaper Bank continues to partner with HPCC to provide many of the diapers we are able to provide each month.

We thank all of our individual and church partners who continue to financially support our efforts to work with our clients.

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