What Rush Limbaugh’s Call Screener Bo Snerdly Says About Abortion Will Blow Your Mind

Sorry, I’ve been a little slack on posting for a few days but….I ran across this article this morning and it struck me as important to pass along to all of you. Some of you listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. His call screener is known as Bo Snerdly who recently gave an interview that you should check out because what he says here will indeed “blow your mind” as the title suggests.

This really happens.
This really happens.

New Questions Over Abortion Coverage in Health Law

As the United States struggles with the ins and outs of Obama Care there are new questions about abortion in the law. Read about it and see what you think. “The Government Accountability Office said in a report released late Monday that only 1 of 18 insurers it reviewed was separately itemizing a charge for coverage of elective abortions on enrollees’ bills……”

Help me out...please!
Help me out…please!

The Stokes Co Dept of Social Services and Salvation Army Taking Christmas Application on Oct 1

Many of our clients need assistance other that what we provide. This is most especially true at Christmas. Even though it seems early, the Salvation Army will be accepting applications beginning on Oct 1 through Nov 7. It is important we help get the word out and that folks understand it may be to late after Nov 7 to receive this great assistance.

Click here to read the information that was placed in the Stokes News on Sept. 12 on where and how to apply.