New Program to Promote Abortion at WFBMC

We are helping put the word out that Wake Forest Baptist Health Hospital in Winston Salem, has just started a new program to promote abortion. Alpha Pregnancy Center let us know that WFBMC have recently hired a new abortion advocate physician, Dr. Ellen Lorange, the OB GYN department trained in family planning to spearhead this program under a new grant given to the hospital by the Ryan Ryan Program
I am sending this message out as a pro-life advocate. If you agree with me that this is not the kind of program we would like to see flourish in our area,please share this information with others and let Wake Forest Baptist Health know that you do not agree by contacting their obstetrics and gynecology program  and let them know.

We already have people killing babies at Planned Parenthood in Winston-Salem….we don’t need another.

Please help take care of me.
Please help take care of me.

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