Hope Pregnancy Care Center’s Diaper Ministry

One of our services at Hope Pregnancy Care Center is to provide diapers to mothers and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Those of you with children know that the addition of a child does increase the financial needs a family has.

Through God’s Grace, we became a partner with the Piedmont Diaper Bank who in turn is a part of the National Diaper Bank. They provide many of the diapers we distribute to our mothers and families. The PDB  has been asked by the National Diaper Bank Network and Yale Medical School to participate in a brief survey that will help assess the effect on parental stress of providing diapers to families. This survey will also help the researchers understand how diapers affect a family’s access to child care and work. Hope Pregnancy Care Center will be administering the survey to 15 of our clients from now through Sept. 12. The survey is purely voluntary and is totally up to our clients to participate or not. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

We are grateful to God and to the folks at PDB for assisting us in this part of our services. If you want more information about any of us, just click on the links above.image 093 b&w

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