This is the day that we American celebrate our freedoms. The men and women of the colonies realized their dreams of a place they could worship God without fear of being persecuted by their own government. They set up through their constitution a system that, to date is the greatest form of government devised by man….mostly because they were men who believed in God. But, as all things devised by man, it was not perfect law. The imperfection of continuing slavery and treating some men and women as not equal. A great civil war ensued and fixed parts of that but not all. We have amended the constitution from time to time to try and reach the ideal of all being equal….and that gets perverted as well. The greatest tragedy now is that we allow, through our laws the killing of the innocent! It is the tragedy of making killing babies, unborn and born legal. On this day of our freedom celebrations, pray that we will eventually have the strength as a nation to fix this law so that it no long is and our babies can enjoy LIFE, LIBERTY and be able to PURSUE their happiness by being allowed the chance to live. Let keep striving to stop our great nation from persecuting them!

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