Amazing Video!

Believe it or not NBC aired video of babies in the womb…..alive and bopping around like crazy. As much as I don’t care for the liberal news media, on this one they at least prove to folks that babies are cool even in the womb! No mention of abortion in this one! They can’t bring themselves to call a baby a baby but, watch this!

Hopefully it will make some folks think about not killing babies if they see this baby alive and well in their Mom’s womb……bless em!

Things We Did in June

I really appreciate your help!
We really appreciate your help!

Our Executive Director, Linda Carmichael wanted to tell you what we were up to in June. 

We served 21 clients who came to HPCC this past June. In fact for 2014, HPCC set a record of 107 coming in to see us from January through the month of June. In 2011 there were 67 coming in, in 2012 there were 47 coming in and for 2013 we were back up to 69 clients for through six months.  

We had a new volunteer for the summer months come to help on Monday’s.  

We started this blog to keep you all up do date.

With the help of Piedmont Diaper Bank we distributed over 1000 diapers to help young mothers and families out. We have a couple of free pregnancy tests. We also gave out baby supplies in the form of a stroller, bounce, bottles, a baby bed, quilts, teething rings and a crib. All of these things made possible for folks like you through your generous donations to us here at Hope Pregnancy Care Center

You see, we are making a difference in some folks lives here in Stokes County and the surrounding area. Thank you very, very much for your support.

Hope Pregnancy Care Center’s Diaper Ministry

One of our services at Hope Pregnancy Care Center is to provide diapers to mothers and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Those of you with children know that the addition of a child does increase the financial needs a family has.

Through God’s Grace, we became a partner with the Piedmont Diaper Bank who in turn is a part of the National Diaper Bank. They provide many of the diapers we distribute to our mothers and families. The PDB  has been asked by the National Diaper Bank Network and Yale Medical School to participate in a brief survey that will help assess the effect on parental stress of providing diapers to families. This survey will also help the researchers understand how diapers affect a family’s access to child care and work. Hope Pregnancy Care Center will be administering the survey to 15 of our clients from now through Sept. 12. The survey is purely voluntary and is totally up to our clients to participate or not. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

We are grateful to God and to the folks at PDB for assisting us in this part of our services. If you want more information about any of us, just click on the links above.image 093 b&w

Summer Hours Reminder

Hope is staffed on Mondays 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and on Tuesdays 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. If you need to talk to someone come by during these hours or call 336-983-9990 You can also call Linda at 336-575-3291 to work out a personal appointment with her.


This is the day that we American celebrate our freedoms. The men and women of the colonies realized their dreams of a place they could worship God without fear of being persecuted by their own government. They set up through their constitution a system that, to date is the greatest form of government devised by man….mostly because they were men who believed in God. But, as all things devised by man, it was not perfect law. The imperfection of continuing slavery and treating some men and women as not equal. A great civil war ensued and fixed parts of that but not all. We have amended the constitution from time to time to try and reach the ideal of all being equal….and that gets perverted as well. The greatest tragedy now is that we allow, through our laws the killing of the innocent! It is the tragedy of making killing babies, unborn and born legal. On this day of our freedom celebrations, pray that we will eventually have the strength as a nation to fix this law so that it no long is and our babies can enjoy LIFE, LIBERTY and be able to PURSUE their happiness by being allowed the chance to live. Let keep striving to stop our great nation from persecuting them!

Legal Abandonment of Newborns: North Carolina’s Safe Surrender Law

Legal Abandonment of Newborns: North Carolina’s Safe Surrender Law

“In North Carolina, a parent may surrender the infant to “any adult.”Most other states’ laws require that the sur- render be made at a specified safe haven or to a specified professional who works at such a place.” ( from the posted link)

As I read about the dead baby found in Franklin County this morning, I thought this might be appropriate to remind everyone of North Carolina’s Safe Surrender Law. We don’t yet know if that baby was born alive or was stillborn….the mother and her family need our prayers desperately. Please know that God loves all of us and is willing to forgive whatever we’ve done…..all we have to do is ask Him into our lives.