June 2014 Directors Report

Directors Report June 2014

  • 11 clients as of June 17Image
  • Average Age of June Clients = 29 years old
  • All clients in June have visited HPCC before
  • 3 clients received baby clothes
  • 2 clients received furnishings
  • 1 client received baby toys
  • 2 clients received baby food
  • 1 client received baby formula
  • 86 NB Diapers given out
  • 50 Size 1 diapers given out
  • 124 Size 2 diapers given out
  • 232 Size 3 diapers given out
  • 272 Size 4 diapers given out
  • 152 Size 5 diapers given out

This represents 19 little tushes getting covered in June so far.


HPCC had two people interested in becoming volunteers. One, UNCC student decided not to volunteer with us going with another opportunity she has while at home on break. The other, a teacher at a local elementary is suppose to start next week.


New summer hours have started. Monday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Ann & Juanita continue to faithfully hold down the fort. Tuesday 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. with Mike holding steady there. Our website, Facebook page, front sign and telephone answering message have been changed to reflect the change. Mindy plans to be back in August after her school hours start back up.


Mindy sent a text letting us know they had spent time last Saturday working on storm damage on Prayer and Refection Trail. They cleared debris and cut trees off trail. They also fixed washed out drain pipe. They have not yet put the planking on the bridge but do plan to soon. Mike mowed the trail today.


So far, our diaper supplies from the Piedmont Diaper Bank are holding up for us. Mike’s last visit to them was about a month or longer ago.

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